Temporary exhibits

Temporary exhibitions to learn more about a particular subject

The Liège-Bastogne-Liège House of Cycling has been designed to allow a certain modularity and to be able to renew the exhibits through various themes linked to cycling.

For its opening, the main focus will be on Liège-Bastogne-Liège and on the Tour de France and the people of Liège.


To all lords, all honours!

Liège-Bastogne-Liège, the oldest cycling race, will be the first to be highlighted, especially as the opening of the Maison du Cyclisme, which also bears its name, coincides with the race weekend.

Exceptional items such as Joseph Bruyère’s bike, autographed jerseys from great champions, trophies and other accessories will be on display in different areas of the Maison du cyclisme, recounting the great hours of this legendary race.

A special display has been designed for the Doyenne, right next to the space reserved for one of its winners, and not least, Philippe GILBERT, World Champion and local boy.

Phil will be there to welcome you in person! You’ll be able to see his bike and equipment from his victory on the Doyenne on 24 April 2011, as well as a host of other unique items on loan from the champion.

Le Tour de France

The Tour de France will not be forgotten either, and more particularly its relationship with the Province of Liège. The Grande Boucle has seen 15 arrivals and 16 departures here. The Tour arrived in Liège for the first time on 23 July 1948 (Bartali’s victory) and set off again the following day. The last time was in 2017, with an arrival in Liège on 2 July (Kittel’s victory) and a start in Verviers on 3 July.

A number of riders from Liège took part in this grand tour, and some of them were particularly outstanding. You’ll be able to recall some of the great moments and names of local cyclists.

A series of yellow jerseys from different eras, autographed by champions, will be on display along with other emblematic jerseys (green, white, polka-dot, combined) handed out at the official podiums.

The bike of Luis Ocana, winner of the Tour in 1973, will be among the items on display, as will a bike that took part in the 1910 edition. You can also see Laurent Jalabert’s bike and polka-dot jersey from 2002.